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Maine Guided Bass Fishing


Every Fishing Trip is a Different Experience

Maine Bass Fishing with a Registered Maine Guide

I have a passion for fishing! Every fishing trip is a different experience which presents new challenges and opportunities. Weather patterns change, water levels change, fish move and feed on different types of forage but one thing remains the same. When you get that electric tick on the end of your line and set the hook into a quality fish you can’t help but get excited! Fishing is FUN!

MacDougall, author of the Dud Dean tales said, “Twice blessed is the man who is genuinely enthusiastic over a fish at the end of the other fellows line!” That is why I guide fishing trips. I have been fascinated with fishing since I was old enough to walk! As a kid I would tie on an old jitterbug and hike down to my Grandparents farm pond to catch large-mouth bass. On a good day I could talk my dad into taking me up in the mountains for native brook-trout, or down to the river for feisty smallies. Fishing has always been a passion of mine and if you’ll put your trust in me I’ll do my best to show you why I love it so much!


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I have fished with Ben for a few years in Pennsylvania waters and always had a great experience. My best day fishing was with him, and we caught around 40 smallmouth bass each. You know it’s a good day fishing when your thumb is chaffed from handling so many fish! Ben is quick to get to work testing what the bass are hitting on and his insightful guidance will definitely lead to a rewarding experience.

Through his passion and knowledge, I am “hooked” on fishing, and I look forward to fishing some Maine waters soon with Nyce Guide Service!
— Mitch Eby | Atlanta, GA

Anyone out there looking for an awesome experience check out my buddy Ben Nyce. The guy can get you on fish!
— Cody McDonald | Lincoln, ME

I have fished with Ben Nyce many times and always enjoyed great success. Ben is a consummate guide and fisherman; particularly expert in the habits and catching techniques of smallmouth and largemouth bass, brook trout and striped bass. We always caught fish, his equipment is top notch and all attention is paid to safety on the water and in the woods. If you want to catch fish and enjoy a day in the Maine outdoors you’ll be completely satisfied with the services of Ben Nyce Guide Service.
— Tom Stone | Newport, ME